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HUNTLEY C of E SCHOOL Special Needs Coordinator: Miss Abby Dawson and Mrs Ella Curtis 

Huntley C of E School values the contribution that every child and young person can make and welcomes the diversity of culture, religion and intellectual style. The school seeks to raise academic achievement and encourage positive social integration and development by removing barriers to learning and improving physical and curricular access for all.

All children and young people with SEND are fully valued, respected and equal members of the school.  As such provision for pupils with SEND is a matter for the school as a whole. All teachers are teachers of pupils with SEND. The governing body, headteacher, SENCo and all other members of staff have important responsibilities.





We aim :

  • To listen to and work in partnership with those who have parental responsibility to ensure that they participate as fully as possible in decisions regarding their child, making sure that all information and support they need is provided.
  • To take the views, wishes and feelings of the child into account.
  • To ensure that the culture, practice, management and deployment of resources are designed to meet the needs of all pupils with SEND.
  • To enable pupils with SEND to maximise their achievements.
  • To ensure that the needs of pupils with SEND are identified, assessed, provided for and regularly reviewed.
  • To ensure that all pupils with SEND are offered full access to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum including the foundation stage the National Curriculum 2014 as appropriate.

Please find below our Offer of Early help. This is a useful document with details of local providers who can offer with a range of support:  

Gloucestershire County Council make a ‘Local Offer’, detailing the provision available for SEND children and their parents available below:


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