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Forest School

Class River, Estuary and Ocean take it in turns each term to visit Forest School on Friday afternoons, in the nature area in the playground or in the woods behind school. Class Stream have the chance to go to Forest School more often, usually on Wednesdays.

Our Forest School Vision is "When we are at Huntley Forest School we will have time to play. Our leaders will help us to create a space in which nature thrives and so do we".

Whilst under the canopy of the trees we get up to all sorts of fun, whatever the weather. For example: climbing trees, cooking pancakes on the fire, pressing apple juice, building dens, making things from natural materials and playing in the mud kitchen. 

We develop our school values of respect, perseverance and courage:

  • We respect our Forest School community – our classmates, our leaders, and all the wildlife we share it with.
  • We persevere as we try new things and follow our own ideas, sometimes in challenging environments.
  • We believe in ourselves and be courageous when we take risks; in the activities we do and in working with our friends.

If you have any questions, problems finding appropriate clothing or would like to join in (we would love your help!), please feel free to contact our Forest School lead, Mrs Credland:

A huge thank you to the army of volunteer parents who have helped at Forest School sessions and enabled us to tackle so many exciting projects and adventures. 

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